Gay Sports Bar Boxers in Hot Water for Offensive Tweets

Boxers NYC, the father bar of the Gayborhood’s newest gay watering hole Boxers PHL is feeling the heat after a series of offensive messages were tweeted from its account on Twitter.

It all started after Reverend Al Shartpon tweeted a response to the horrible shooting of two cops this weekend in Brooklyn. He said:

That’s when someone from Boxers account tweeted:

But it didn’t stop there. The account went after Mayor Bill de Blasio, too:

Not long afterward, the tweets were deleted, but the messages were out there for enough eyes to see—eyes that want an apology.

Boxers responded saying their account was hacked, saying, “”We would like to apologize to our followers & the LGBT community, The previous tweets do not reflect our view as our account was compromised. Management & Ownership are shocked by these postings & we are looking into how we could have been hacked.”

But folks aren’t buying it. Customers are claiming irresponsible employees took control of the Boxers Twitter account to blast the hateful messages. It would be an easy excuse to take, considering all the email-hacking news going on lately. But who would hack into the Boxers Twitter account?

One guy tweeted, “You’re not fooling anyone with this nonsense. Admit that one of your employees merely sent tweets from wrong account.”

And then there was a simple, “Cowards.”

See the rest of the responses here, while we wait to see what Boxers does next. I reached out to the folks involved in Boxers PHL, but have yet to get a response.