Mayor Nutter Appoints Helen Fitzpatrick Director of LGBT Affairs

Helen Fitzpatrick

Helen Fitzpatrick

It was announced today that Mayor Michael Nutter has appointed Assistant District Attorney Helen “Nellie” Fitzpatrick as Director of LGBT Affairs effective January 20, 2015. The position was previously held by Gloria Casarez, who passed away in October 2014.

According to a press release, Nutter praised Fitzpatrick for her previous work at the District Attorney’s Office, stating, “Nellie has a proven track record of coalition building and getting stuff done. We are eager for the energy and enthusiasm that she will infuse into our diverse City, including prioritizing inclusiveness.”

Ms. Fitzpatrick added this statement:

“I promise to work tirelessly to ensure the legacy of Gloria Casarez and work of the entire Administration is carried out and set as the foundation for future Administrations to come. By forging relationships built on trust, transparency, and service, I have witnessed firsthand the many and layered challenges faced by members of the LGBT community whose experiences are shaped not only by sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, but by race, color, national origin, disability, socioeconomic status, age, religion, and the varied intersections of these identities. Only when we organize and build community around these differences are we truly able to foster safety, demand accountability, and create a more equal and inclusive Philadelphia. It is my goal that each and every member of our LGBTQ community feels welcome, represented, heard, recognized, respected and appreciated within our city’s government.  As an out and proud lesbian and Philadelphian – I am here to serve, protect and share in the joy that is our citizenship in the great City of Philadelphia.”

Ms. Fitzpatrick was a 2012 OutProud Award recipient, a 2013 Pillar of the Community Award recipient, and a 2014 Voice of Protection and Advocacy recipient. She holds a JD from Florida Coastal School of Law.