Madonna’s New Single, “Rebel Heart,” Is All Over the Interwebs


If you’ve been following the Material Girl’s Instagram account, you know she’s been using the hell out of the hashtag #RebelHeart over the last several months. Music fans now know why: a demo of her upcoming single has leaked all over the web, and it’s titled none other than that infamous hashtag she’s been using.

Here’s a very poor quality snippet of “Rebel Heart.” Be warned: the leaked audio segments keep getting pulled off of YouTube and other video websites. If this one vanishes, simply search “Rebel Heart Madonna,” and you’ll find plenty of other samples:

Billboard is reporting that Madonna’s publicist has no comment, but her manager, Guy Oseary, Tweeted the following in response to the “Rebel Heart” leak:

From examining Madonna’s Instagram, she also keeps using the hashtags #LivingForLove and #UnapologeticBitch. If the #RebelHeart leak is any indication, it is pretty obvious that these other hashtags will be tracks on her new album, which she hopes to drop in 2015.