Ed Funding Committee Will Meet at City Hall

Advocacy groups plan to be there.

We noted earlier today that the Basic Education Funding Commission  planned to meet two days in Philadelphia this week — but that the commission had not publicized where, apparently deciding to honor the increasingly popular tradition of state politicians visiting Philadelphia to talk about education while trying desperately to avoid actual Philadelphians.

Well, we have a “where” now: The folks at POWER — which is planning to make its members heard whether the commission seeks their testimony or not — tell us that Day One of the meeting, at least, is scheduled for 1 p.m. Tuesday in the Mayor’s Reception Room, Room 202 at City Hall.

The 15-member commission is “tasked with developing and recommending to the General Assembly a new formula for distributing state funding for basic education to Pennsylvania school districts.”

Steve Miskin, a spokesman for House Republicans, told The Notebook the commission’s meetings have been run smoothly so far.

“Throughout the state, there haven’t been problems and protests,” he said. “Philadelphia is trying to make more of it than it is.”