3 Takeaways From Christina Lurie’s ThinkFest Talk

"I think so many people in so many companies want to give back."


Christina Lurie, an Oscar-winning documentary producer and minority owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, spoke on the Main Stage at Philly Mag’s ThinkFest on Friday morning. The topic? “Building a Franchise: The Intersection of a Sports Team and a City.”

Three takeaways:

ON ENVIRONMENTALISM: “I think anybody who has children and cares about the future of the planet has to care about the environment,” she said. “I think most people understand and most businesses understand that you have to reduce your footprint.”

And Philly is well-positioned to lead the green revolution: “Philadelphia has bike paths and recycling and wants to be one of the greenest cities. It’s totally possible.”

ON MAXIMIZING YOUR STRENGTHS: Lurie told the story of how the Eagles worked with Aramark, the food services vendor at the stadium, to reduce waste and increase recyclables used — so that “99.9 percent” of the trash from a game never ends up in a landfill.

“I think so many people in so many companies want to give back. But everybody has their own strength. That’s why partnerships are useful.”

ON HER HOPES FOR THE EAGLES IN 2015: “I hope we win the Super Bowl.” There was much applause.

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