Jillian Tait Didn’t Always Hate Her Son, Says Her Facebook Page

Back in 2010, she was just an excited expectant mom.


Left: Loren McMillan (father of Ryan and Scott McMillan) and Jillian Tait in an undated photo; Jillian Tait’s mugshot.

Last week, Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the arrest of Jillian Tait and her boyfriend Gary Fellenbaum, accusing the couple of torturing and murdering Tait’s 3-year-old son, Scott McMillan. The crime has a lot of people scratching their heads, wondering how a mother could do that to her child, with 96% of Philly Mag readers saying that Tait and Fellenbaum deserve the death penalty, if convicted. And now some old Facebook photos posted by Tait, who has had multiple Facebook accounts under different names, suggest that she wasn’t always the monster Hogan says she is today.

On September 25, 2010, she posted an ultrasound photo of Scott with the note “My baby boy i can’t wait to meet you.” And less than two months later, on November 10th, she posted another ultrasound photo, noting “My adorable little boy cant wait to meet him.” Then in January 2011, when Scott was born, she posted the normal newborn baby photos you’d expect a new mother to post, with captions like “my lil man” and “absolutely adorable.”

In one photo (above left), Tait is pictured with Loren McMillan, the father of both of her sons. According to his Facebook profile, McMillan attended Downingtown High School and now lives in Overland Park, Kansas. According to reports, the father was on his way back to the area.

Tait’s Facebook page and other Internet accounts also suggest a conflict between being a mom and being a young woman who wants to have fun; they also point to a deep involvement with rave culture. She lists her religious views as “P.L.U.R.,” which stands for “Peace Love Unity Respect” and is a common mantra in the rave world. She posted this photo on May 4, 2012:


The rest of Tait’s Facebook page consists of photos of her out having fun:



Tait also spoke of financial struggles in a personal ad she placed on one site looking for a “sugar daddy,” as she put it, explaining that she needed help making ends meet. In that ad, she mentions both sons by name.

Tait was denied bail and is in protective custody at Chester County Prison. She has been charged with first degree murder, criminal homicide and conspiracy, among other crimes. A preliminary hearing has been set for Friday.

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