New Tumblr Shows the City Hall “Parking Lot”

A new blog from AP editor Jonathan Poet catalogs just how often the apron at City Hall is used as a parking lot.

A new Tumblr in Philadelphia shows just how much Philadelphia uses City Hall as a parking lot. Appropriately called City Hall Parking Lot, the blog shows just how hilarious it is that the northeast side of the City Hall apron is used to park cars.

The site is done by Jonathan Poet, an editor at the Associated Press in Philadelphia.

The photos all have perfectly pithy captions. The one on the left at the top of this post includes “Because nothing says ‘great public space’ like a green Saturn SUV with a missing hubcap.”

This is a Tumblr I think we can all support: It’s funny, and it shames our city’s politicians. A win-win!

[City Hall Parking Lot]