Milton Street to Run for Mayor Unless He Dies On 100-Mile Bike Ride

We are less than a year away from the Philadelphia mayoral election. We know one man who's 95 percent sure he's running: Milton Street.

Milton Street will run for mayor of Philadelphia — unless, he says, he dies on an upcoming 100-mile bike ride.

That’s the primary takeaway from Wednesday’s 2015 mayoral election preview from the Daily News’ Chris Brennan. This time next year, we’ll know who is replacing Michael Nutter as mayor of Philadelphia.

And Wednesday we learned that Milton Street is 95 percent sure he’s running “if he survives a 100-mile, one-day bike ride he has planned.” Street’s bike ride is set for November 22nd. Here’s hoping he lives to drape himself over a coffin again.

The article also hits all the possible candidates who haven’t yet declared (City Council President Darrell Clarke, State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams, City Controller Alan Butkovitz, ex-City Controller Jon Saidel, City Councilman Jim Kenney), people who have declared or are running but haven’t declared yet (ex-city solicitors Ken Trujillo and Nelson Diaz, former mayoral aide Terry Gillen, ex-City Councilman Frank Rizzo, ex-DA Lynne Abraham), and the Republicans (former Democrat Doug Oliver and Elmer Money, “the type of suicide-mission candidate who has exasperated the GOP faithful, someone willing to run but with no feasible plan to win”). If the GOP’s going to run a candidate for mayor in Philadelphia, it might as well use a guy named Money.

This is a lot of candidates! This is both a race that literally no one wants to enter and that a ton of people are clamoring for. But for now, though, we are 95 percent sure Milton is back. That’s enough news for the day after the 2014 election.

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