Tom Wolf Will Use Tax Dollars to Pay for “Gender Experimentation,” Warns ACTION of PA

You’ve just got to laugh at some of the ridiculous—and really quite offensive—election propaganda that’s floating around out there right now. Check out this doozy of a press release I just received from ACTION of PA, “a group of concerned Christian men and women who have joined together to help promote the election of men and women to local, state, and national offices who will support Judeo/Christian principles on which our nation was founded.” The last-minute word of warning to Pennsylvania voters says that Tom Wolf will use state tax dollars to pay for sex-change operations, or as the ACTION of PA puts it “gender experimentation.”

Pennsylvanians expect their tax dollars to support important things like schools, roads and agriculture. But gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf thinks tax dollars should also pay for sex-change operations for state employees.

ACTION of PA (Americans For Christian Traditions In Our Nation) says voters need to know about Tom Wolf’s egregious plans to misuse taxpayer dollars and vote for Governor Tom Corbett tomorrow, November 4, to ensure taxpayer funds support true state needs rather than gender experimentation—or gender reassignment surgery as Wolf states.  According to a statement by Wolf himself (see below), Wolf believes gender reassignment surgery should be covered by insurance provided to state employees.

“The fact that Tom Wolf endorses taxpayer funding for gender reassignment surgery (and let’s just say it in plain English—Wolf is talking about sex-change operations) demonstrates how disconnected he is from Pennsylvania voters and from Pennsylvania’s needs,” said ACTION of PA Executive Director Gwenne Alexander. “Couple this with the fact that Tom Wolf wants to raise taxes on hardworking Pennsylvanians, and this begs the questions, ‘Is Tom Wolf actually asking citizens to pay more to the government so the government can then pay for sex-change operations? Is this Wolf’s idea of priorities for Pennsylvania?’” …

“Tom Wolf’s plans are wrong for hardworking Pennsylvanians and wrong for the future of our state,” Alexander continued. “We urge Republicans to halt Wolf’s reckless spending plans in their tracks by voting for Governor Tom Corbett on November 4.”

It’s true, Wolf does support expanding rights to our transgender citizens. As Equality PA puts it, “Tom Wolf understands that the transgender community experiences a disproportionate amount of discrimination, especially in the prison system. In our meetings with him, he called out discrimination in prisons and made a commitment to making sure that transgender people have access to the health care they need.” And yes, part of the health care trans people may need includes gender-reassignment surgery.