Slender Man Is The Most Popular Halloween Costume in Pennsylvania, Apparently

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Map via SumoCoupon | Slender Man image: By mdl70 ( [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Costume map via SumoCoupon[1] | Slender Man image: mdl70[2] [CC-BY-2.0[3]], via Wikimedia Commons[4]

There’s a Halloween costume that’s trending in Pennsylvania, and it’s not a ghost or witch or goblin or Sexy Fan Fiction[5] Claude Giroux (that’s who I was last year). It’s … Slender Man!

Slender Man is part of a weird piece of collaborative Internet horror fiction[6] called creepypasta. It began as a thread on the Something Awful Forums[7], as part of a “paranormal pictures” Photoshop thread, and evolved into a tall, thin man with tentacles wearing a suit. (There’s no set description, per the nature of the collaborative creepypasta — the word evolved from “copy and paste.”) Slender Man has actually been blamed[8] for inspiring many attacks, including a horrifying stabbing of a 12-year-old girl by two of her classmates.

So, yeah, that’s the most-searched Halloween costume in Pennsylvania according to the blog of SumoCoupon[9], which is not a blog where you get discounts on mawashi[10].

SumoCoupon analyzed Google Search Volumes to find their data, breaking ties by which costume was “more unique.” They also analyzed the top Halloween candies[11] in each state; Pennsylvania got Good & Plenty.

New Jersey’s top costume was Elsa from Frozen; its top candy was Bubble Tape. Tops in Delaware were a banana costume and Starburst candy.

[via Uproxx[12]]

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