Pennsylvania Monitoring 105 for Ebola

Nobody's showing symptoms, but they did arrive recently from West Africa.

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The state is monitoring 105 people for Ebola, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports.

But don’t panic: None of the 105 have shown any symptoms of the virus. There are no confirmed cases. The tally, however, “includes everyone in the state known to have arrived in the past three weeks from Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone.”

The news follows the weekend announcement that 30 recent travelers in Philadelphia are being monitored for Ebola. As with the state program, there have been no confirmed cases and no reports of anyone showing symptoms.

The department would not release county-by-county tallies of those being monitored. The Allegheny County Health Department director, Dr. Karen Hacker, said no one in the county was subject to monitoring as of Monday afternoon.

Monitoring for any other affected travelers in Western Pennsylvania would fall to the state health department. The state has had no confirmed Ebola cases.

“These people do not represent a public risk. There’s no reason to publicize who they are,” Hacker said.

State and federal officials have sometimes been at cross-purposes over when to quarantine. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Monday backed down from the quarantine of a nurse who had also recently returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa.