Police Using Unmanned Balloon to Hunt Frein

Equipment donated by Ohio Department of Transportation.

The manhunt for Eric Frein, the suspect in the murder of one state policeman and injury of another, is continuing with the aid of an unmanned balloon.

The Morning Call:

The search in the Poconos for accused Pennsylvania state trooper killer Eric Frein will employ the use of a large balloon similar to a weather balloon with a mounted camera, according to state police.

The Ohio Department of Transportation donated the balloon, which is unmanned and tethered, to provide state police with a less expensive way to take aerial photographs than traditional aviation surveillance.

More importantly, state police said it also is silent compared to a helicopter.

The attack took place at Blooming Grove state police barracks in Pike County Sept. 12. Cpl. Bryon Dickson was killed; Trooper Alex Douglass was critically injured. Police have been hunting Frein in the weeks since.