Man Arrested for Murder of Norristown Man He Met On Craigslist for Sex


Chad Marshall Wilcox

Twenty-eight-year-old Chad Marshall Wilcox has been arrested and charged with robbery and first-degree murder of a Norristown man he met on Craigslist for sex.

Instinct reports that “Wilcox allegedly killed his victim, Manuel Hakimian, 36, on September 21 at Hakimian’s home in Norristown, Pennsylvania, a Philadelphia suburb. Authorities believe Wilcox slit the victim’s throat. … After allegedly killing Hakimian, Wilcox used Hakimian’s bank and credit cards in at least five states. Wilcox also stole his car, which was spotted on September 24 by police in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Wilcox crashed the car and escaped on foot; police found a folding knife with blood on it along with receipts matching some of the purchases made with the stolen cards. Wilcox was ultimately arrested in Johnston County, North Carolina a few days later.”

The Associated Press has more:

Wilcox told detectives that, on the day the trial was supposed to begin, he traveled to the Philadelphia area and posted an advertisement on Craigslist seeking sex with men, intending to rob them of money to feed his heroin addition, according to court documents.

He said Hakimian picked him up on Sept. 20 and drove him back to Hakimian’s Norristown home, according to a criminal complaint. He also claimed he plotted with three other men to rob Hakimian.

Wilcox said he got a clothesline from the basement and tied Hakimian’s wrists and ankles to the bed before going outside for a cigarette, the complaint said. He allegedly claimed that Hakimian was killed by the other men.

Police said there’s no evidence that others were involved in the crimes and that they believe Wilcox acted alone.

“I think there is a cautionary tale that can be taken from this case,” said McGoldrick. “Meeting strangers online is terribly dangerous, not just for kids but adults too. You never know who’s on the other end of that Internet connection.”

Wilcox is being held without bail. His preliminary hearing will be in Pennsylvania on November 7th. Be careful out there, boys.