Good News, Sixers Fans: Draft Lottery Reform Voted Down

In a stunning vote, NBA Draft Lottery reform was voted down by the NBA's owners. The Sixers' tanking strategy remains intact.

The NBA’s owners have voted down NBA draft lottery reform, Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports. Reform would have punished teams like the Sixers that have and will spend several seasons at the bottom of the NBA in order to get multiple shots at top players.

Owners voted for the change, 17-13, but it needed 23 votes to pass.

It’s a shocking vote, as draft lottery reform was expected to pass easily, with only the Sixers and Thunder opposed. Just yesterday the Sixers had “given up” attempting to prevent lottery reform from passing.

There were several reform proposals under consideration. The one up for vote would have given the bottom four teams an equal shot at the No. 1 pick; in the worst-case scenario, a team that finished with the worst record overall could draft as low as 7th.

Teams decided to change their minds in order to submit the proposal for further study, per Wojnarowski.

[via CBS Philly]