Adorable Dog Joins Montgomery County DA’s Office

K9 Turks will be a courthouse "comfort dog" in Montgomery County, keeping witnesses and crime victims calm before they appear in court.

See the above doggy? He’s now a member of Montgomery County District Attorney’s office. Aww! Who’s a good law enforcement dog! Yes you are!

K9 Turks is a yellow labrador retriever who will serve as a courthouse “comfort dog” — helping to keep witnesses and crime victims calm.

“Crime is a traumatic event for victims,” Montco DA Risa Ferman said in a release. “As difficult as the incidents themselves can be, giving statements about what happened and navigating the criminal justice system forces a victim to re-live that trauma. A comfort dog can offer a soothing influence to make it easier for a victim to handle the stress of the court system.”

Ferman said she first learned of a courthouse comfort dog when she was in Centre County in 2012 and met Princess, a dog that helped child crime victims handle the stress of appearing in court. The Montgomery County DA’s office worked with Canine Partners for Life, a Chester County group.

“Turks will be a resource to help our victims manage the emotional toll the court system can take on them,” Ferman said in the release. Turks will work out of the Montco DA’s office, but will also be available to other counties as well.