2014 Eagles Team Photo Placed In Philadelphia Museum of Art

After Chip Kelly joked it wouldn't end up in the Art Museum, the Eagles' team photo was placed on display — next to an incredibly appropriate painting.

The Eagles are off this week, but the entire team gathered Monday at the team’s practice facility to take a team photo. That day, Chip Kelly says his team ran a photo session that was more up-tempo than their offense.

“We set a record: four minutes and forty seconds,” Kelly said. “We got everybody — the entire team, every position group, the coaches and the training staff done in four minutes and forty seconds,” said Kelly. “Oh, it was tempo. And I would challenge anybody [to match that].”

Kelly later added: “We had to coach the photographers a little bit because… one of the guys thought he was Ansel Adams. We said ‘Let’s get this thing taken and let’s go,’ you know what I mean? It’s not like it’s going to be hanging in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.”

Oh, but it is.

Yesterday, the Art Museum wheeled out the 2014 Eagles’ team photo and placed it in a gallery.

To give the Philadelphia Museum of Art extra credit: Just a few days after the Eagles walloped the Giants 27-0, the team photo was placed next to Prometheus Bound, a painting from the early 1600s by Peter Paul Rubens and Frans Snyders.

The painting depicts an eagle pecking away at the liver of the titan Prometheus, his eternal punishment for stealing fire from the gods to give to man. A titan is almost a Giant — and the Eagles will get to peck at Eli Manning’s liver again later this season. Very, very well done.

[via The 700 Level/Bleeding Green Nation]