Philly Elections Chair in Hot Water for Not Voting for Last 5 Elections

Per a report, Anthony Clark hasn't voted since the 2011 general election. He didn't even vote in the presidential race in 2012!

Yesterday, City Paper reported a small, if hilarious piece of news: Anthony Clark, who heads the Philadelphia City Commissioners office, has not voted in the last five elections. Clark, a Democrat, even missed the 2012 presidential election!

The paper added the other two city commissioners, Stephanie Singer and Al Schmidt, have voted in every election as far back as records go (2005). How could Clark have possibly missed that many elections? He certainly knew when the elections were! He could not have possibly forgotten!

Philadelphia election watchdog the Committee of 70 is calling on Clark to leave at the end of his term, unless he has evidence he’s voted in the past five elections.

The Democratic party can’t be happy, as it allowed the Philadelphia GOP to deliver this zinger: “This must be a joke, but I guess that is expected. It appears even he knew that he shouldn’t vote for Barack Obama or Chaka Fattah,” Philadelphia GOP head Joseph DeFelice told the Daily News.

Clark is up for re-election next year. One can imagine he will vote then.

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