Keith Olbermann Calls the Flyers “About As Sexist As Sports Can Get”

Olbermann named the Flyers to his nightly list of the world's worst for eliminating the Ice Girls and then bringing them back when fans booed.

The Flyers may think Broad Street Hockey is “the only ones asking any questions” about the return of the Ice Girls. But they’re wrong.

Last night, Keith Olbermann named the Philadelphia Flyers the second-worst person in the world for the day. The only person Olbermann deemed worse than the team was an Australian golf pro who crashed his car while doing a radio interview.

The Flyers earned the honor, as you might have guessed, for bringing back the Ice Girls after fans booed. After recapping the Mother Jones story about the Ice Girls, Olbermann called it “about as sexist as sports can get.”

Olbermann, a Rangers fan, has ripped the Flyers in more playful ways before.

And by “playful,” I mean he said Flyers fans don’t know how to read.