Gay Things to Do This Weekend: Gender Reel Film Festival, “Dash” Comic Debut, Philly Beauty Ball, and Lots More

FRIDAY is all about dancing

  • cutn pasteKick off your weekend shenanigans at the hairiest happy hour in town: Happy Bear at Tabu. This week, the men of Wolfstryker Leather are showing up.
  • Later, move upstairs for Bearlesque.
  • If smooth-and-sexy is more your style, Dr. Timaree and Sara Kelly will be hosting Sleepover. The Party. at Venture Inn. This month’s theme is SCREAM!
  • Nolita Selector and Precolumbian are spinning at CUTN PASTE. Smear on your black lipstick to fit the “teen goth” theme.

SATURDAY is going to be rainy, go watch movies

SUNDAY brunch and more movies

  • Bev, Maria TopCat and Dinah B. Sore host a “Wine, Spirits, and the Holy Toast” brunch at Tabu. I hope you like blasphemy with your eggs.
  • Gender Reel continues with Out Activists, a collection of films and discussions that “explore everything from the oppression of trans woman of color, to Pakistani sexual minorities, to the inaccessibility of the public transit system for gender non-conforming individuals.” Get ready to learn a thing or 12.