How to Save Atlantic City: More Booze

Legislator says boardwalk should have "open container" policy.

Photo courtesy  Wikimedia Commons.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

You know what Atlantic City needs more of? Alcohol.

State Sen. Tom Kean is suggesting the city allow open containers on the boardwalk and the beach, as a way of counteracting the closure of all those casinos this year.

My9 New Jersey reports:

This weekend the Atlantic City Wine Promenade gave us a look at what it may be like to allow open containers on the boardwalk. People enjoyed the event by partying on the boardwalk with their wine and whiskey. Wine expert and TV host Leslie Sbrocco said that she does these events across the country and they definitely help drive tourism.

“An event like this certainly shines a bright light on how to best use the boardwalk and make it a real destination and I think people want that and are craving it, you can see that by the turnout today,” she said.

Kean has other ideas for Atlantic City — NASCAR! online gambling! — but booze is definitely part of the plan: “Las Vegas allows open containers on the strip,” he said in a letter outlining his ideas, “as do other travel destinations like New Orleans and Key West.”

And those cities don’t get crazy-bordering-on-lawless at all.