Airline with Horrifying Fox Mascot Brings New Cheap Flights to PHL

Frontier Airlines is returning to PHL Airport later this year with flights to seven destinations. Some flights in January are just $14.99 each way.


Frontier Airlines, the Denver-based low-cost carrier, is coming back to PHL Airport with flights to seven cities. The airline hasn’t been at PHL since a route shakeup two years ago; it currently flies from Trenton-Mercer Airport.

Frontier will fly to seven destinations from PHL. Starting December 20th, Frontier will fly to Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Cancun. Sometime in January of next year, flights to Atlanta, Charlotte and O’Hare in Chicago will commence.

To celebrate, the airline trotted out a horrifying fox mascot at PHL this morning. “Its name is Foxy,” the airport later tweeted. This mascot is so beloved that in 2010 150 Frontier employees rallied to keep animals like it painted on Frontier’s airplanes.

The airline is offering a sale until midnight tonight to celebrate the return to Philadelphia: Flights on January 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th to Miami, Tampa and Orlando are just $14.99 each way.