Terror Talk Sparks Increased SEPTA Security

Precautions even though no evidence Philly is a target.

NBC10 reports that SEPTA has increased security after reports American and French subway systems are being targeted for a terror attack.

[A]lthough U.S. officials are disputing the credibility of the alleged threat, the transportation agency isn’t taking any chances.

SEPTA Police have increased officer presence across their subway system following the possible threat brought to light early Thursday when Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said he was informed by officials in Baghdad that ISIS planned to attack U.S. and French subways.

“It seems like it would be an easy target because there are so many subways spread out over so many cities,” said SEPTA commuter Steve Bright.

Local leaders say there’s no evidence that the Philadelphia region would be a target.

SEPTA’s police force has 256 officers.