Suspect in Slaying of Philly High School Girl, 15, Turns Self In

Police say high school student Aisha Abdur Rhaman was killed by a stray bullet during a fight. The suspect, 19-year-old Darian Person, is a former student at the same high school.

darian_person The suspected killer of Aisha Abdur Rhaman, who was killed by a stray bullet outside Einstein Medical Center, has turned himself in.

Suspect Darian Person, 19, is a former student at the same Delaware Valley Charter High School that Rhaman attended. About 20 to 30 teenagers, many from Delaware Valley Charter, showed up at a planned fight near Einstein Medical. “[Person] was brought as the muscle,” Philadelphia Police Captain James Clark said at a news conference. “He came with a gun and, unfortunately, he used it.”

Action News described the somber scene inside Delaware Valley Charter: Crying students hugging and decorating Rhaman’s locker with memorial posters and stuffed animals. “She played basketball and she was very well liked at school. Had a very beautiful smile, a smile that lit up the hallway,” Delaware Valley Charter CEO Ernest Holiday told Channel 6. “She was a great student, academically also. It’s a terrible loss to us.”

Murder charges were filed against Person Tuesday afternoon. “Something very small and trivial ultimately wound up with this young lady being killed,” Clark said at a news conference.

Friends, family and neighbors held a vigil for Rhaman Tuesday night. “There’s no reason for a young, 15-year-old sister to go to school and never come back home to her family,” Nicetown CDC head Majeedah Rashid said a the vigil. “It’s ridiculous. What are we gonna do? I’m asking everybody, every man that’s here, what are you going to do? What would you do if it was your family?”

Two children were shot inside Delaware Valley Charter School in January.

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