Penn Can’t Quite Get Over Last Year’s NYT “Hookup Culture” Article

Feelings are raw about Kate Taylor's return to campus.

Kate Taylor, who wrote last year’s infamous “hookup culture” article about Penn for the NYT, will be back on campus Thursday to talk about media and politics — but apparently the kids at Penn are partying too hard in their sludge-covered jackets to live and let live.

Take the blog Under the Button, please:

Grab those pitchforks, because we think/hope Quakers will dole out some real talk to the reporter who got thousands of readers and clicks by cherry-picking examples and generalizing Penn ladies. This Q&A may prove even more heated than Newt Gingrich’s in 2011! So welcome back, Kate. We’re surprised to see you. Just know that we may be over getting an M.R.S. degree, but we’re not over that article.

Yes. That’ll learn her. It’s fun to see our Ivy League elites deliberately adopt a mob mentality. Someday soon, remember, these sludge-covered kids will be our ruling class. We’d say they need to get laid more, but then again, we read Kate Taylor’s article.