Pa. State Trooper’s Funeral Held as Hunt For Suspect Continues

Cpl. Bryon K. Dickson II, 38, was laid to rest today. Police are still hunting for the man they say is responsible, Eric Frein.

dickson A funeral was held Thursday for Cpl. Bryon K. Dickson II, a state trooper and Marine Corps vet killed in a seemingly random ambush last week in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Dickson was 38.

“His uniform was always crisp and spotless,” fellow state trooper Derek Felsman told The Morning Call. “He’d spend hours upon hours shining leather gear, day after day. A day never went by when Cpl. Bryon Dickson wasn’t ready for his final inspection.”

Meanwhile, the hunt for the suspect continues. Police say Eric Frein, 31, ambushed two state troopers Friday night and is thought to have disappeared somewhere in the Poconos. Trooper Alex Douglass, 31, survived the attack and has been talking with authorities.

“If you’re listening to this broadcast on a portable radio while cowering in your cold, damp hiding place, I want you to know one thing,” State Police Lt. Col. George Bevins said at a press conference. “Eric, we are coming for you.”

Suspect Eric Frein

Suspect Eric Frein

Frein was a “survivalist” who participated in Eastern European military renactments and harbored resentment against law enforcement for some time, per the state police. He acted as a military advisor to films, a cousin told ABC News. Cops say the 31-year-old Frein shaved his hair into a mohawk-like style in preparation for the attack.

Schools in the Poconos were closed Thursday while police searched for the murder suspect. Morning Call reporter Laurie Mason Schroeder tweeted about the emptiness of the streets in Hawley, which is near Lake Wallenpaupack.

Police checked out a sighting in East Stroudsberg today, but it turned up empty.

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