Wawa Only Nation’s Second-Favorite Convenience Store

Despite the Philadelphia area's Wawa obsession, the convenience store chain ranked second behind Tulsa-based QuikTrip in overall customer satisfaction.


According to a new marketing report, Wawa is the second most-beloved convenience store chain in the United States. It finished second in the rankings, behind QuikTrip. The Tulsa-based chain operates in the Midwest and South.

Before even getting into the data, let’s note what complete B.S. this is without even knowing anything about QuikTrip. If there’s one thing people in the Philadelphia area do well, it’s gush about Wawa. Does the Midwest’s equivalent of Johnny Knoxville have a QuikTrip tattoo? Did five women visit every QuikTrip and blog about it? Do robbers dress up in QuickTrip employee t-shirts and steal cigarettes? Did I write a piece on 50 cool things about QuikTrip? Was Christine Speer Lejune interviewed for this survey?

Maybe Floridians haven’t figured out Wawa’s greatness yet and gave it lower marks. It’s the only possible explanation.

Market Force — which is both a customer research firm and a team of superheroes in the Marvel universe — asked customers to rate their most-recent trip to a convenience store and wondered how likely they’d be to recommend the place to a friend. The results were averaged to form a “Composite Loyalty Score.” QuikTrip scored best in the survey, at 79 percent. Wawa was second, at 74 percent. More than 5,000 people were polled.

“We’re seeing a phenomenon where convenience store brands are expanding their fresh food options as a way to lure new visitors through the door and cultivate loyalty,” said Cheryl Flink, chief strategy officer for Market Force, in a press release. “From offering salads and smoothies to take-home pizza and lasagna, regional convenience store chains are making food a priority. It’s a logical path to expansion because it draws market share from both quick-service restaurants and grocers offering both gas and on-the-go food options.”

Not everything was wrong with the poll, though: Wawa placed first in food and coffee quality and number of amenities. Wawa was second in customer service and third in cleanliness. The chain also scored higher than rival Sheetz in the general rankings. Looks like Wawa fans have a new rival.

[Convenience Store Decisions via Jessica Lussenhop, indirectly]