WATCH: Woman Attacks Woman at 30th Street Station

Police are investigating attack caught on video.

Yikes. (Warning: coarse language)

NBC Philadelphia reports:

The man who uploaded the video, who wanted to remain anonymous, told NBC10 he witnessed the assault last Monday around 7:50 p.m. According to the uploader, prior to the recorded attack, the woman in white was chasing another man through several cars on the Market-Frankford Line while threatening to stab him with “what looked like a homemade shiv.”

“Also at some point on the train he hit her when she was up in his face,” the uploader said.

The uploader says the train conductor called police after the train stopped at 30th Street. The man who allegedly was being chased then sat down on a bench next to a woman dressed in black with a cast on her left arm. The woman in white then approached the man and the woman in black which is when the uploader began to record.

Police are investigating.