Penn State Removes Bibles From Its Hotel Rooms

But you can still get one at the front desk.

The Centre Daily Times reports that Penn State is removing Bibles from the rooms of two hotels the university owns.

“Penn State decided to remove Bibles from individual guest rooms in both of its hotels, The Nittany Lion Inn and the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, and to place them in public access areas,” Penn State spokeswoman Lisa Powers said.

The move was made not to limit the beliefs of one group but to be more inclusive of all, Penn State said.

“In the past few decades, the world and its people have changed dramatically. We wish to be respectful of all religions, and also of those who have differing beliefs, yet we still wanted to ensure the publication was available to those who desire to read it while staying with us,” Powers said. “This action was taken in the spirit of recognizing other religions and beliefs among our guests.”

So basically, you’ll have to wander down to the lobby to get a Bible at the Penn State hotels — same as if you’re seeking out the holy book of any other religion, apparently. I didn’t know this was a service hotels performed; usually I’m just looking for a mini-deodorant or toenail clippers when I go to the front desk.

Anyway: There’s no indication that anybody’s upset by Penn State’s move, and I hope it doesn’t end up being the case that this turns controversial. Everybody knows all the real Christians are bringing their own Bibles on out-of-town trips, anyway.