OK, So Not Everybody Hates Dilworth Park

"The only backlash is what you (and Inga Saffron — who hates everything) are creating."


On Monday, we ran an article citing some objections to City Hall’s new Dilworth Park, most notably from Philadelphia Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron and Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky. We titled that article “Everybody Hates Dilworth Park.” And what we’ve learned since is that the new park has plenty of boosters and defenders. Below, a selection of reader responses.

Greg Giovanni: “Huh, I kinda like it…. the fountain is charming. There are trees (that will grow larger) along the perimeter of the park. If anyone remembers the old tree situation, you know the place was COVERED in bird poop. Hundreds of birds gather in the trees at dusk. They make a lovely congress but, really, poop everywhere. And yes, underground is very cool and (if they keep it clean) world class. I don’t LOVE it, but it is much much better than it was.”

Albert Lee: “Everybody hates Dilworth Park? Enough of this bull**** Did you ask all the families visiting with their children or do we go on critics and columnists alone? Sure, there are a lack of trees but to use the hate is a bit much. 6.2 million people live in Philly. Ask that question after a month, 6 months or a year but stop providing another reason for people to complain.. Just let people see and experience the space.. More people will do that than all of the readers of this magazine and philly.com combined.”

Jacqueline Goldfinger: “Wow! This is the opposite of what I saw when I visited the park. The kids were digging the spray ground, the Septa riders were much happier and the few folks that I talked to (all families) were excited about the ice skating rink. A few professional whiners might not get it but the community does… you should definitely check it out with your family. Then I think you’ll have a better sense of how the actual community is reacting.”

Julie Baranauskas: “I love it. Drove by and the next day walked through. People were slowing down & enjoying it. I especially liked how the familiar, like the Parkway, City Hall & older buildings are reframed.”

Kenny Kim: “Seeing as I have not set foot in Dilworth Park, I resent you speaking for the masses. You represent a journalistic entity. Your articles should be based in fact, not blanket statements and assumptions. You do not speak for the city. You only speak for yourself and your inner circle of jaded writers. What ever happened to objectivity in editorial?”

“Shern”: “This is sooo irritating. not the granite park…but rather this article. ‘everyone’ doesnt hate it.. ask the kids running in the fountain if they hate it, or the people soon to be ice skating if they hate it. Sounds like the writer and people associated with this article hate it, and they aren’t everybody. What I hate it when people use words like ‘everybody’ to describe a small group of uptight complainers. How about you let them open the grassy part first!! So philly is proud of itself for 10 seconds and you have to slap it down? its not even fully open yet!! god i hate the internet sometimes.”

“Mike Fakelast”: “Some people just have the need to be complaining all the time. How pathetic. I work 11 stories above the park so I’ve been privy to the delighted crowds who have been swarming to it. Indeed, everyone I can witness from my birds eye view actually seems to LOVE it. And if I may generalize as well, it’s 8000 times better and safer than the hideous eyesore it replaced.”

Phyllis Halpern: “The only backlash is what you (and Inga Saffron – who hates everything) are creating. I’m so tired of people being negative. And so tired of people making negative comments when they don’t understand how the funding for this project came about. Unfriending PM, and cancelling my subscription now.”

James Price: “I love the new Dilworth park. Inga should have waited for the ‘great lawn’ (aka grass infill) to be completed before making her comments. The park also has to serve as a major transit hub so it can’t be all grass and trees or maintenance would be impossible with that much foot traffic. I believe and hope that time will prove her wrong.”

But what do YOU think?

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