Poll Shows Corbett Just 11 Points Behind

But support still appears soft.

The good news for Tom Corbett? A new poll shows him just 11 points behind challenger Tom Wolf in the Novemer governor’s race. That’s a bright spot when nearly every other poll has him at least 20 points behind.

The bad news?

The poll shows that Republicans in the state are evenly divided between those who think Pennsylvania is on the right track and those who think it is on the wrong track. Democrats and Independents overwhelmingly say the state is on the wrong track.

• While 70 percent of Republicans say they’ll vote for him, according to the poll, just 53 percent of them believe he’ll actuallly win.

• The firm that did the survey, Harper Polling, was created after the 2012 election with a specific mission of polling for Republicans. It’s always best to take partisan survey reports with a grain of salt.