Tie-the-Knot Tuesday: Dana and Tracey Jones

Dana and Tracey Jones

Every Wednesday, we are featuring a Philadelphia-area gay or lesbian couple who have walked down the aisle in their own special way. Today, we feature Dana and Tracey Jones, a lesbian couple from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who incorporated their two lovely children in their marriage ceremony.

Names: Dana and Tracey Jones

How long have you been together as a couple before you got married?: 2 years

When did you get married?: October 2, 2010, in Pennsylvania with a ceremony and reception. Then we did it in New York City to make it legally recognized on April 20, 2012.

The Jones Family

The Jones Family

Describe the experience of your wedding. Where did you get married? Who was there? What was the most memorable part?: It had rained all week but the Saturday of the wedding was the most beautiful day ever: not a cloud in the sky, no mud on the ground, simply gorgeous. The ceremony was held at a country club just outside of Philly. Our two children were there and very much a part of the ceremony. The most memorable moment was giving [our] children necklaces inscribed with “One Family, One Love.” It was truly a day filled with so much love and so many blessings.

Were there any local businesses that were helpful when you prepared your wedding?:

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