FIRST LISTEN: Rena Drops New Track “Colors”

rena colors song

Illustration by Avalon Clare.

Factory Girl—and one of our favorite local musicians—Rena is back with another original track and we have the first listen.

Colors” is the kind of ear candy we’ve come to expect from the local pop starlet, but, rife with sweet harmonies and synth vibes, it’s a bit of departure from some of her sexier, glammed-up tunes we’ve heard in the past. (Think Love. Angel. Music. Baby-era Gwen Stefani, but more space age-y—and local.)

I chatted with her this morning about the process, and inspiration behind the song, and what she’ll be up to next.

G Philly: Tell me about the process behind the track. How was it created?
Rena: I wrote this song in one sitting around three in the morning. I started recording and layering harmonies just for fun, and then just ran with it. That’s where the layered harmonies from the hook started.

GP: What was your inspiration?
R: I was listening to a lot of Simon and Garfunkel and wanted to create something with really riveting harmonies, something with a sort of folky vibe. After playing around with some acoustic guitars, I ended up adding the main saw wave synth and it started to go in a different direction. Before I knew it, it was 5 a.m. and I had finished the song.

GP: What is next for you? Any performance gigs? I know Factory Girls has another show soon.
R: I shot a video that will be coming out very soon. We’re finishing the edit and it should be done in about a week. This track is from my forthcoming EP (release date still TBA). I’m booking some pop-up shows in September, both in Philly and New York. We’re doing Factory Girls on September 6th with my friend Contessa Stuto aka Cunt Mafia. She’s great. I can’t wait for that!

Listen to the new song below: