Cohen Says City Leaders Will Open Checkbooks for Pope, DNC

Says Philly "has the capacity" to "host two pretty special events."


Wondering where Philly will get the money to pay for a visit from Pope Francis and to host the Democratic National Convention? David Cohen, vice president of Comcast, isn’t worried at all.

“We’re the fifth largest city in America,” Cohen told KYW Newsradio, “and I think our civic leadership has the capacity to be able to raise the money to host these two pretty special events in consecutive years in Philadelphia.”

The pope’s visit would be in 2015, as part of the World Gathering of Families. The DNC meeting would be in 2016, to nominate the party’s next candidate for president.

He said individual giving for both events is likely to be high, and institutions will donate to the events expecting Philly to see a return on its best efforts.

“I think, measured over any relevant period of time, there’s going to be a net positive for anyone if we are successful in attracting the Democratic National Convention,” he said, “and if in fact the pope does join us for the World Meeting of Families.”