BIGOT WATCH: PA High School Principal Cancels Spamalot Over “Homosexual Themes”

Opponents of marriage equality may not have much luck nixing same-sex marriage in our state, but, according to some recently revealed emails, they can keep it from playing out on stage.

Keystone Progress uncovered a series of emails that reveal South Williamsport Junior/Senior High School Principal Jesse Smith cancelled a production of Spamalot at his school because it contained “homosexual themes.” More from Towelroad:

In emails sent last June, Smith said that he was concerned about “a gay wedding being performed [in the musical].” Musical director Dawn Burch replied, “I am fully aware of their place in the script and am not certain what offense they create,” noting that marriage equality had recently arrived in Pennsylvania.

Smith then explained that he was “not comfortable with Spamalot and its homosexual themes” because “this type of material [would make] it very hard” for families to attend. He added that he did not “want students to have to choose between their own personal beliefs and whether or not to take part in a production.”

When Burch wrote to [Superintendent Mark] Stamm that she found it “extremely disappointing that homosexuality would be the basis of not approving a show,” noting that “this is how we raise children to be haters,” the superintendent replied that he was familiar with Smith’s objections and stood by them.

Yuck. The scene in question is about five minutes long. It revolves around a song, “His Name is Lancelot,” where Lancelot allows a character to marry his male partner. I read another piece of commentary on Instinct, which made the excellent point that we’ve seen tons of plays that showcase opposite-sex wedding. So what’s the difference? Especially in a state where gay marriage is legal. Unacceptable!

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