Here’s an Animated GIF of Chip Kelly Diving Into a Pool of Ice Water

Yesterday, the entire Philadelphia Eagles team did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Coach Chip Kelly went first — head-first.


Yesterday, the entire Philadelphia Eagles team took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The team did it as one: Much of the team climbed into a giant pool filled with ice water and had dump trucks pour more ice water on them.

But the best part of the Eagles’ Ice Bucket Challenge is shown in the animated GIF above, which shows coach Chip Kelly diving into the pool head-first before any of his players did.

Kelly does the ice bucket challenge like he calls plays: As quickly as possible. Plus, you have to believe those dump trucks had several different ways to pour ice on the Eagles players. Kelly uses packaged plays everywhere!

Here’s a GIF of the actual challenge:

Ice Bucket Challenge Eagles

And, as a bonus, who hops in right after Chip? That’s right: Long snapper/magician Jon Dorenbos.


Nice form on the old western roll high jump by Dorenbos there. A man of many talents!