Kathleen Kane’s New Press Secretary Has Already Quit

Chris Kelly decided he'd rather stick to ... newspapering.

A week after Scranton newspaper columnist Chris Kelly announced he would join Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s staff as a spokesman, he has changed his mind. The reason? Kelly likes the newspaper business too much.

Today’s Times-Tribune staff is the best since I’ve been here, an inspiring mix of old-school veterans and young rising stars. It was hard to imagine not working with them to produce The Daily Miracle. (If you knew what it takes to produce a single edition, you wouldn’t scoff at the reference.)

Last Sunday, I wrote that it was time for me to take a more direct approach to public service. I came to see that there is no more immediate conduit to connect with the public and give voice to common concerns than this column. Now that we are expanding its parameters, I will have more opportunities to reach you, and you me.

I am going to be a columnist. Period. I have spent most of my career working toward this opportunity. Now that it is here, I promise to make even my most ardent readers sick to death of me.

Kelly would’ve been Kane’s third spokesman in two years.