Pennsylvania Sports Anchor Punches Man Who Interrupts Live Shot

Service Electric TV2's Mike Zambelli's live shot was interrupted by a heckler in a Batman t-shirt. He slugged him out.

Sports Anchor Punch GIF

Earlier this month, the annual Musikfest concert was held in Bethlehem. Headlined by Keith Urban, the 10-day event featured a variety of musical acts (and, sadly, a shooting).

It also featured a crowd The Morning Call described as “beer-swilling.” And, on Saturday night, a Musikfest patron — who, to be fair, we don’t know the inebriation status of — interrupted the live shot of Service Electric TV2’s Mike Zambelli. He appeared to curse. As you can see in the video above, Zambelli just went and punched him. Holy crap. Channel 69 News is no longer my favorite suburban Philadelphia newscast.

“He startled me, so I reacted,” Zambelli told The Morning Call. “He ran off … It’s not a big deal.” Bethlehem police Chief Mark Diluzio called the incident “hilarious.”

It’s not a big deal, except that Zambelli is now the best suburban sports anchor ever! If all TV reporters started punching people who interrupted their live shots, the world would be a more fun place.

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