Brian Sims Douses Himself in Cold Water for Charity

Earlier this summer my Facebook feed was drenched with videos from folks in my hometown, Lancaster, Kentucky, taking part in a “cold water challenge.” The concept is that you pour ice cold water on yourself for charity, and challenge others to do the same. If they don’t accept, they have to fork over big money for the initiator’s charity of choice.

Now the challenge has become a viral video sensation—and adopted a new name, “ice bucket challenge”—with everyone from Rachel Maddow to Ethel Kennedy taking part. This week Philly State Representative Brian Sims gets in on it, too, in a campaign to benefit ALS, an organization that aims to provide information, support and resources about ALS research.

Before dousing himself in a bucket of icy cold water, Sims called out five others: Cyd Zeigler at, Sarah McBride at the Center for American Progress, You Can Play Project‘s Wade Davis, and “my two favorite legislators,” Senator Daylin Leach, and Representative Erin Molchany. I was so hoping he’d call out Daryl Metcalfe out of spite!

Check out the video above.