Newspaper Columnist Joins Kathleen Kane’s Staff

Chris Kelly will be her press secretary, writes farewell column.

Chris Kelly, a columnist at the Scranton Times-Tribune, is going to work for Attorney General Kathleen Kane as her press secretary. He said farewell to readers on Sunday:

“I’ve spent nearly two decades preaching to readers that their involvement is key to better government and chiding them for sitting out and settling for stagnation,” he wrote. “If I passed on an opportunity to enter the arena where policy is made, I would be the hypocrite some claim. If Ms. Kane was looking for a feckless Yes Man, there had to be hundreds of more qualified candidates.”

Meanwhile, our pal John L. Micek at points out this is Kane’s third press secretary in just a couple of years, and offers Kelly this warning: “Dude, if they issue you a red shirt … run.”