Another Man Wearing Muslim Garb Tries to Rob a Bank in the Northeast

Two years ago, a man wearing muslim clothing attempting to rob a bank in the Northeast. This week, a similar robbery attempt was made not that far away.


Philadelphia police are searching for a man who attempted to rob a bank while wearing female muslim garb earlier this week. Police say the robber, who had a threatening note, did not get away with any money from the Wells Fargo Bank at Castor and Magee avenues.

Does this sound familiar? Two years ago, a man pulled the same robbery not too far away at at Adams and Tabor in the Northeast.

The suspect two years ago was described as having “a medium build.” This one has a “thin build.” Someone’s been on a diet! Or it’s a different guy, and he’s an intellectual property thief as well. The current attempt went worse, too: Two years ago, the man got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police say the suspect in this week’s attempted robbery fled the bank on foot, heading east on Magee Avenue. Anyone with information is asked to call 215.686.8477 or text 773847.