Brian Sanders JUNK Gets Prize for Hottest FringeArts Poster

10376946_10152557493726830_860303496479697076_nLast year Gunnar Montana had us all hot and bothered with the freakishly hot flyer to his dance show Basement, but this year our award for hottest FringeArts promo definitely goes to Brian Sanders JUNK.

The local dance company, known for provocative performances, high-flying trapeze acts, and, well nudity, is putting on Suspended at this year’s festival. The company’s website describes the show as “a fantastical titillating abyss, where dual states of being and consciousness cross both sides of the line at the same time.” It promises audacious physicality. amd strong adult content that is “raw, brash, erotic, extreme.”

Upping the hotness factor a bit, each show will be preceded by a “Locker Room Preshow,” where, if you pay a little extra, you can “join the men of JUNK for an up-close and personal view. Find yourself … caught in the middle of a rat-tail towel war; wearing soap suds and, enjoying all male, nude-bathing by candlelight.”

Uh, yes, please.

The show runs September 5-20 at JUNK’s studio at 2040 Christian Street. Tickets, ranging from $35 to $70 can be purchased here.

Extra outtake from the shoot: