Police: Montco Teens Break Into House, Make Drug Brownies

Mischievous 17-year-olds arrested in Perkiomen Township allegedly had two pounds of a controlled substance.


Photo | Becca Boyd

You’re a 17-year-old boy, and you’ve just discovered that you can turn certain drugs into brownies. The problem is, your parents are always around, so you have no way to bake them. What do you do?

Well, if you’re the two 17-year-old Collegeville boys recently arrested in Montgomery County, you break into somebody else’s house and bake them there.

That’s what allegedly happened on July 22nd on the 100 block of Lincoln Road in Collegeville, Perkiomen Township. (Police didn’t announce the arrest for over a week.) It’s a quiet residential development less than a mile from Perkiomen Middle School and Evergreen Elementary School. It’s also just across the Perkiomen Creek from Graterford State Prison.

Police say that the boys used the home to bake brownies “which contained a controlled substance,” although police aren’t saying what substance that was, for whatever reason.

The teens were arrested in the home, where they had over two pounds of the mysterious substance with them, according to a police report. Yes, two pounds. No matter what the controlled substance was, that’s a whole lot of it.

Charges have been filed in Montgomery County’s juvenile court, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

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