Are You Mentally Ill? Find Out at ShopRite

Eggs, milk, and schizophrenia.

shop-rite-mental-health-kiosk-400I don’t know about you, but every time I walk into my local ShopRite, I go a little bit crazier. The long lines. The bad attitudes. The overpriced produce. It’s enough to drive a person mad.

Well, now ShopRite wants to help.

The grocery store is debuting mental health testing at its Fox Street location on Tuesday, August 5th.

“Never before have consumers been able to test their mental health in the convenience of their local grocery store,” wrote a representative of the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services in an email announcing the “nation’s first Behavioral Health Wellness Kiosk.”

It went on to explain that while 25 percent of Americans have a diagnosable mental health issue, 70 percent avoid treatment. And once you start looking at the statistics in North Philadelphia and the River Wards, something like 30 percent of adults are mentally ill, according to the announcement.

Department of Behavioral Health Commissioner Arthur Evans will be on hand for the unveiling of the kiosk, which uses free, anonymous tablet-based assessment technology. Yes, now you can check your mental health while picking up eggs.