Well, That’s One Way to Steal a Bike

And all this time you've been trying to cut the lock, silly.


Taken on the 1500 block of Spruce Street.

And here’s a similar situation on 11th Street between Spruce and Pine.


One commenter offers a solution. “What they could do is put a thick steel wire in the middle of the pipe,” writes Matt Jacobs. “When you cut through the first half it’s hard to get leverage or a stable point to continue to cut through. They do it in jails and such.”

Another commenter, Rob Flanagan, has a more solid solution. “So, it would be kinda cool if any future bike rack installations were filled with concrete,” he writes.

But we like commenter Maggie Guteri’s the best: “Or hornets.”

Some commenters have indicated that they’ve complained about these cut bike racks to 311 but that the city isn’t doing anything about it.

[Top photo: Sam Robinson]