Baseball Fans: It’s Trade Deadline Day

Will Amaro start the rebuild, or are the Phillies stuck in Hell?


Well, it’s Trade Deadline Day in Major League Baseball.

The big question locally is whether Ruben Amaro Jr., the Phillies general manager, will commit to an actual rebuild featuring actual players under the age of 30, or whether the deadline will pass with no changes to a team that’s going nowhere.

Trading any of the Phillies’ big names will probably be limited in its benefits: While sending Chase Utley to a contender would probably bring a young prospect, but the Phils would probably still have to eat a huge chunk of Utley’s salary. Luckily, they’ve got a lot of money. So there’s that.

USA Today says we could have a blockbuster on our hands:

The Phillies are the team most poised to do a copycat version of the Red Sox’s mega trade of two years ago. They are shopping starters Cliff Lee and A.J. Burnett, and are willing to give away first baseman Ryan Howard and closer Jonathan Papelbon.

Makes sense for them. But the guy everyone wants is Cole Hamels.

The trade deadline is at 4 p.m. today, so fans, have at it in the comments: What do you want to see happen? Who should be gone when the day is done?

Jimmy Rollins?

Jonathan Papelbon?

Ryan Howard?

Chase Utley?

Anybody else?

We’ll be here at 4, with news and commentary … if anything happens.

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