Pa. House Legislation Would Strip Welfare Benefits from Convicted Drug Dealers

Mike Regan, a Republican state representative from York County, also sponsored a similar bill that strips welfare benefits from convicted sex offenders.

Republican State Rep. Mike Regan, who lives in York County, has introduced legislation that would strip welfare benefits from those convicted of drug distribution.

House Bill 2413, which has 44 co-sponsors of both parties, was referred to the Health committee last week. Earlier this year, Regan sponsored a similar bill that stripped welfare benefits for convicted sex offenders on Megan’s Law registration lists. That bill passed the House unanimously, but the Senate has not taken action yet.

“I had first-hand experience during my time in federal law enforcement in which individuals were arrested for drug trafficking crimes,” Regan wrote in a memo to other House members. “During a subsequent search, officers would discover large sums of money and information indicating that the individual was receiving welfare benefits. The purpose for this legislation is to prevent those who abuse the welfare system from taking resources away from those truly in need.”

Regan appears to be more of a cost-cutter than a hard-line drug warrior. He supports medical marijuana legislation, and even held a recent forum on the legalization of pot for medical purposes.