IndiGoGo a Huge Success, Please Make it a Regular Thing

William Way Community Center‘s IndiGoGo party was everything I hoped it would be. For the first time, the annual fundraiser brought together 11 Philly party producers who put on a hell of a shindig Saturday night at Underground Arts. The affair took up five (Six? I lost count) rooms within the Loft District venue—each featuring DJs, circus performers, go-go dancers, and there was even one where you could get spanked by porn star Colby Keller.

When I arrived around 11:30, the front-door attendant told me 400 people had already filtered through the door. The crowd was refreshingly representative of our entire community—gay, lesbian, transgender, drag queens, straight allies, everyone. And the vibe was ecstatic. I chatted with DJ Carl Michaels at one point in the evening, and he agreed that this is something we should throw at least quarterly—and each time it could benefit William Way. How great would that be?!

William Way Executive Director Christopher Bartlett tells me 646 people attended this event, and that $7,000 was raised for the LGBT community center. I think former William Way employee Paul Blore, who, as part of NSFW Dance Party, helped put together the night’s entertainment, said it best on Facebook when he posted: “I won’t speak for others on the committee, but I will say that I believe IndiGoGo found its truest voice last night and became the community event it first aspired to be four years ago.”

To give you a feel for the night, I’ve rounded up some of the best Instagram shots that were posted throughout the evening.

Shot from Kelly Burkhardt, one of the night’s official photographers.

Penn 6 co-owner Tim Adams with porn star Colby Keller.

Colby Keller giving someone a whoopin’ they’ll never forget.

Amazing outfits galore.

Dr. Timaree, there representing Sleepover. The Party, go-go dancing in the main room.

One of the circus performers in neon.

Smoke breaks turned into street-art fun.

R. Eric Thomas with his glow-y circles.