Christie to Decide on Smoking Ban for Jersey Beaches

Towns could still set aside 15 percent for smoking.

The next difficult item on Gov. Chris Christie’s agenda: Ban smoking from Jersey beaches? Or leave the issue alone? “The state legislature had considered a total ban on smoking at all public beaches in New Jersey but eventually added a provision allowing towns to set aside 15 percent of their beaches as smoking areas,” AP reports. “That has left the debate smoldering as Gov. Chris Christie ponders whether to sign the bill.”

As with the gun bill he vetoed earlier this year, presidential politics may have an impact on Christie’s decision. After all, the “don’t tread on me” base of the GOP — the folks who turn out at caucuses and primary elections — wouldn’t take kindly to a ban.

If Christie signs the bill, it would be 180 days from signing before it goes into effect —meaning this may be your last summer to bum a cig down the shore.