Jersey Bearing Brunt of Immigrant Child Influx

More than 1,500 kids have been placed in the state.

AP reports that New Jersey is one of the top states receiving children from the recent influx of  immigrants from south of the border.

New statistics released by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families show 1,504 unaccompanied children were placed in the state from Jan. 1 through July 7. A total of 30,340 were placed nationwide.

The number of immigrant children placed with sponsors in New jersey is among the highest in the nation but far below Texas, which had 4,280 placements this year, and less than California, Florida, Maryland, New York and Virginia.

During a town hall meeting this week, Republican Gov. Chris Christie said he had not received any notice from federal officials about children being placed in the state.

Meanwhile, Newsworks reports on Delaware: ” Gov. Jack Markell says 117 children who immigrated alone to the United States have been placed with families in Delaware. Markell told state lawmakers in a letter Thursday that his administration is prepared to work with nonprofits to ensure that the children’s basic needs are met. He says the children may enroll in Delaware schools while awaiting immigration processing.”

No word on how many children have been received in Pennsylvania — although Gov. Tom Corbett notably expressed concerns that children arriving from other countries might spread disease. Studies show, however, the countries of origin tend to have high rates of vaccination than the U.S.