Phillies, Eagles Among 50 Most-Valuable Sports Franchises in World

The Eagles came in at No. 17, while the Phillies are No. 39.

Forbes named both the Eagles and the Phillies to its annual list of the world’s 50 most-valuable sports teams. The Eagles come in at No. 17, while the Phillies are No. 39.

The Eagles are worth $1.314 billion. They trail the other three teams in the NFC East in valuation: Dallas is No. 5 (the most-valuable NFL team), Washington is No. 9 and the Giants are No. 10. Real Madrid is the most-valuable sports team in the world; the Yankees are No. 1 in the U.S. (and No. 4 worldwide).

The Phillies, at No. 39, are worth $975 million. The team just signed a valuable broadcast deal with Comcast that gives them a stake in Comcast SportsNet. The Mets fell out of the top 50 this year.

In old news, the city and state kicked in a ton of money to build these billion-dollar businesses stadiums a decade ago.